Friday, September 18, 2020

Unhinged Wokeness

 From the Blog piece..... Why White People Owning Dogs is Racist

"Shortly after the Eurasian people worked so hard to train and bond with wolves, most of them were shipped off and given to Europeans.

These filthy white savages took the work and credit from the Eurasian people and branded these magnificent creatures as their own.

The need for white people to claim premade or pre-discovered things is not isolated to just this incident. Countless times in history, whites have been caught stealing the work and talent of POC for their own success. 

Honestly speaking, we shouldn’t be surprised that white people would steal the domestication of dogs as well. Based on historical knowledge, this behavior will not slow down within the white community."

Tone-Deaf Joe

 Announcer: ...(She) voted for Pres. Trump in 2016....

Biden: .....How are you feeling now Julie? (snarkily referring to her vote for Trump)....

Julie: .....<tisk> um, Good Evening.... (thinking Biden is an idiot)....

Julie: ..... How are you going to reduce regulation for small farmers?  

Biden: ...  We have some nice environmental schemes and increased regulation you may be interested in....

Friday, August 28, 2020

Minneapolis Police Officer Hit With Improvised Captain America Shield

During the "Peaceful Protests" in Minneapolis, #AmericanBolsheviks attack an unsuspecting Cop with a thrown shield. Captain America Does Not Approve!

BLM/Antifa Mob Attacks RNC Delegates

A Mob attacks Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in Washington D.C. during the Republican National Convention.
At 0:28 in the video, the mob tries to push one of the cops down and Sen. Paul grabs the officer and helps him maintain his footing while asking him if he is okay.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Best 5 Underrated Metal Songs of the 1980s

Growing up in the Metal scene in Cleveland during the 1980s, I was exposed to music that was neglected by commercial radio and MTV (yes, they used to play music back then). Luckily there was numerous college radio stations that had excellent programming with a great deal of Metal programming, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

In addition to the college radio exposure, I knew people who owned or worked in the many small venues that booked metal acts local, regional, and national that didn't have the following of bands that were mainstays on commercial radio and television. As time went by though MTV added the Headbangers Ball to their line-up, along with the syndicated Metal Shop radio series and the all too short lived Z-Rock radio franchise that gave increased metal offerings.

Below I have compiled a list of what I feel are 5 of the most underrated or underexposed Metal songs of the 1980s.

5) Racer X - Street Lethal

4) Armored Saint - Out on a Limb

3) Twisted Sister - Burn in Hell

2) Lizzy Borden - Red Rum

1) Loudness - In The Mirror (Both the English and Japanese Versions)

Well, that is my take. Do you have your own list? post it in the comments. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Has Justice Been Lost?

There is much banter back and forth about the protests, and I would agree that protests are justified as in the case of the death of George Floyd. The problem comes down to the muddying of words and this has been further mired by shoddy reporting or just outright propaganda by many media outlets. What many of these "journalist" refer to as a protest (outside of the traditional understanding of the word) have been more akin to rioting or insurrection. In the American political and legal vernacular, a protest is a right enshrined in the Bill of Rights attached to the Constitution of the United States of America and should be held within this framework...

AMENDMENT I - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE PEACEBLY TO ASSEMBLE, AND TO PETITION THE GOVERNMENT FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.

There is the rub, we have seen many peaceable assemblies petitioning the Government to address the issue of an extra-judicial killing of a citizen by an agent of the State. Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer in this incident, was charged with the homicide of Mr. Floyd and other former officers were charged with varying criminal offenses related to the incident. So, in the spirit of the Law and our system of governance the Government began the process of addressing the people of Minneapolis's grievance. But instead of people allowing the judicial system to work and for the people to diligently monitor the progress of the criminal procedure to ensure that no miscarriage of justice occurred something else happened, an abomination, an orgy of destruction and violence. There were many people in the establishment, both in media and politics who tried to channel this abomination into political gain. They claimed that this abomination was a form of legitimate protest, but it is not.

We saw many displays of mea culpa from persons who had no personal involvement in any form of "racism" they want to signal some sort of moral superiority over those who did not make the same displays. We saw persons of one ethnic group acting indignant when they were confronted by members of the ethnic group whom they claimed to be protesting for asking them to stop their charade, to the point where it became a form of bigotry on its own. We continue to see more violence and destruction and incivility from one American to another, and in all of this we collectively do not reel at the fact that all of this is injustice on a colossal scale. For all of the property pillaged and destroyed did not belong to Derek Chauvin or any of the other accused individuals, the people who have been killed or injured are not Derek Chauvin or the other accused individuals, the people who have been traumatized are not Derek Chauvin or any of the other accused individuals. What we saw was more akin to a Lynch Mob, and not a Lynch Mob focused on condemning an individual for their alleged crimes, but a Lynch Mob who have extracted their misguided vengeance on completely innocent bystanders. This is the most heinous form of injustice.

When small business owners, who were already suffering and on the verge of losing their work and their dreams due to economic hardship forced on them in the panic of a "Global Pandemic" are trying to save what little they have left from a savage mob, justice was vacated. Many of these small business owners probably agreed that there should have been a PEACEFUL protest to address the grievance of this extrajudicial killing. Instead they found themselves being assaulted, with some being killed, their shops ravaged and destroyed, and the last hope of recovery stolen from them. Many of the people who had their livelihoods destroyed were of the same demographic as those for whom the riots were supposedly benefiting.

There is more, a compounding of injustice. While Law Enforcement was using every available resource to contain the violence and looting it left a gap in their regular duties of preventative patrol and community outreach. Career criminals are opportunistic predators, they saw their chance to burglarize and rob, to steal and to harm, which in turn caused more innocent bystanders to be victimized.

So, this begs the question, who is going to stand up for the rights of all of those who have lost everything in this insurrection? The politicians? No, they are to busy posing and posturing and pandering to the victimizers who they see, either in ignorance or by design, as the true face of the protest instead of parasites who are capitalizing on a righteous complaint. Law Enforcement? No, they are to busy being betrayed by the politicians and vilified by the media, their ranks on the verge of depletion to the point where they will not be able to protect our society. The Taxpayer? The Taxpayer is getting it from both ends while being dismissed by the political class, who will spend hundreds of millions of dollars cleaning up spray paint while tearing down statues to placate a ravenous mob of petulant malcontents. Who will defend the innocent victims? It remains to be seen.

I know this for a certainty, the thing that has been lost in the purported name of justice, has been justice.

Friday, June 26, 2020

A Warning to All Americans

I would like to take a moment of your time to speak on a vital issue.

We are beginning to see a lot of great cops opt to retire sooner rather than later. This exodus will cause a gap in training new cops, we will not have distinguished veteran officers, mentoring and passing on their skills and knowledge to a younger generation of police officers. Police departments across the country will lose veteran investigators who are able to solve crimes, veteran community policing officers who interface with the public, especially vulnerable young people, lose veteran tactical officers who are able to contain violence before it impacts a larger segment of our population and when they leave, their skills and knowledge leave with them.

This "brain drain" will be as crippling to public safety as the brain drain during the Clinton administration crippled the military, and left us vulnerable to the attacks of 09/11/2001.  The rule of law and the support for law enforcement must be restored and maintained if our society is to survive and flourish. If it is not, chaos will descend upon us, and in that chaos we will see a rise of extra-judicial actors who will take matters into their own hands. Most likely these individuals or bands will operate without regard for the civil rights of those they believe are criminals and there will be atrocities and heinous acts of violence perpetrated on Americans, worse than the murder of George Floyd. And all of this because we allowed a mob of petulant malcontents weaken a pillar of our societal stability.

 As the old adage goes "nature abhors a vacuum", and there is a vacuum being created in our justice system, one that cannot be filled with "social workers" and "community activists". Our Republic is weakened, it is up to the American people to check that weakening by exercising their God given rights, enshrined in the Constitution that our Framers placed to guard against such calamities and which we have been woefully laxed in exercising. Vote this November, vote for a return to stability and the rule of law, and not uncertainty and chaos.

God Save the Republic and God Bless America!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Starting a Fire - The Old Fashioned Way

What if you found yourself in a survival situation and there wasn't a lighter or matched to be had.  Would your kit contain an alternative ignition system for starting a fire for warmth and cooking? Our ancestors had a remedy for that instance.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Woke Commerce?

Is the rush by corporations to pledge money to #BLM more of the typical naive corporate virtue signaling or are they paying extortion money to keep their property from being destroyed?

I have noticed that online presence of most major corporations are dripping with platitudes on "social justice".

All of these people who keep telling us that Black Lives Matter should stop donating to Planned Parenthood and start protesting at abortion clinics where the vast majority of Black lives are snuffed out before they even begin....


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Back At It

Well, this whole shit show known as the COVID-19 pandemic was a blessing for me. I shunned mainstream and social media in exchange for getting to do things at home, be with my kids, and focus on other things.

I am not saying that the illness related to COVID-19 was not a public health issue, but that I believe that it has been blown out of proportion and will have long reaching social and economic consequences.

Now that this hysteria seems to be trailing off, I will get back to the website and the blog. I will however minimize my social media presence and maintain focus on doing the things I truly love to do and stop wasting time on non-sense.

So, bear with me while I get back to developing content and making TSM a better entity than I had originally envisioned.

Stay Safe, Stay Health, and God Bless,

Mutant Actual

Monday, March 9, 2020

Everyone Needs to Calm the Fuck Down..........

So, is everyone going to let media induced panic destroy the economy? Your retirement portfolio?

"COVID-19: Approximately 113,579 cases worldwide; 607 cases in the U.S. as of Mar. 9, 2020. Flu: Estimated 1 billion cases worldwide; 9.3 million to 45 million cases in the U.S. per year." - (

Of course we have every two-bit politician and bureaucrat caught-up in the craze to make it look like they are doing something to battle the "threat",.....

This pandemic could be a "false flag" in China's desire to restructure the global economy, or  another round of media manipulation to tank the economy for the 2020 elections...... maybe a little of both.

Don't Be a Chump!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

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Today's Funny

Today's Training

AIMING IS USELESS! 3 Secrets To Great Shooting | Rob Leatham 6x IPSC World Champion!

When it comes to shooting, few are at Rob Leatham's calibre so when he's got something to say about shooting, we should pay attention.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Today's Training

Pistol Shooting Drill to Improve Accuracy - 

Director of the Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire, Adam Painchaud shares a pistol drill that can help improve your trigger-finger discipline and overall accuracy. If you know you're flinching in anticipation of the shot then work on correcting it by trying this drill.  (NSSF Video)

Saturday, February 8, 2020

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Today's Training Drill

RECOILtv Training Tuneups: 3-Style Pistol


Do you want to fine tune your pistol skills? Are you looking for speed and precision from a variety of draw styles? In this installment of Training Tune Ups, Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical takes us through the 3-Style Pistol drill. This drill involves three different draw and shooting styles: standard draw with two-handed shooting position, strong hand only draw and shooting position, and support hand only draw and shooting position. Each position requires the shooter to put as many rounds in an 8-inch dot target from 7 meters, in a prescribed amount of time. 5 seconds, 6 seconds, and 7.5 seconds is your time limit for each respective string, and with a goal of a 25 score, how will you fare?


Friday, February 7, 2020

Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine Giveaway

The Auto-Ordnance M1 .30 Caliber carbine is produced in Kahr’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Worcester, MA. All Auto-Ordnance carbines are produced using newly manufactured parts on high precision computerized machinery.

Each Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine is a faithful reproduction of the famous military rifles that served American forces beginning in World War II. Each rifle has a Parkerized finish, American Walnut stock, 15 round magazine (10 rounds where required by law), 18” barrel, and flip-style rear sight.

Markings include the following: Auto-Ordnance, Worcester, MA behind the rear sight; U.S. Carbine, Cal. 30 ML on the receiver in front of the bolt; and the serial number is engraved on the left side of the receiver.

Jim Fuller Talks About........AK Porn....

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Jade Struck Accuses Taran Butler of Sexual Harassment

From her Instagram Feed..

NWO - The Vatican Edition

The Vatican Wing of the NWO view The United States as a threat to their schemes, especially with Donald Trump in the White House.

American Globalist, Jeffrey Sachs, directly attacked President Donald Trump by name, saying that the U.S. problem “became a far more significant problem with Donald Trump,” adding that the U.S. will be  “absolutely dangerous” to the “big consensus” if Trump “wins re-election this year.”

Sachs was the keynote speaker at the Feb. 5 conference on "New Forms of Solidarity: Towards fraternal inclusion, integration and innovation" at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

The event was hosted by Argentine Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, the Chancellor of the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences. Sorondo smiled and nodding approvingly during Sachs’ ten-minute speech. Sorondo has previously advocated that Catholics have no more than one or two children and The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, which he heads, has come under fire in recent years for hosting pro-abortion, pro-population control speakers with ties to the United Nations.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Today's Training

World Speed Shooting Champion Max Michel Jr talks Training

Christopher Tolkien Son of JRR Tolkien Dies Aged 95

From the Tolkien Societies News Release

It is with great sadness that we can confirm that Tolkien’s son and literary executor Christopher Tolkien has died aged 95.

Christopher was born in Leeds, United Kingdom, on 21 November 1924. After a childhood in Oxford, he joined the RAF during the Second World War and was stationed to South Africa. After the war, he finished his studies and became a lecturer in Old and Middle English as well as Old Icelandic at the University of Oxford. After his father’s death in 1973, he became the literary executor of the Tolkien Estate and went on to edit and publish his father’s unpublished material starting with The Silmarillion in 1977 and ending with The Fall of Gondolin in 2018.

Upon hearing the news, Tolkien Society Chair, Shaun Gunner, said:

All of us in the Tolkien Society will share in the sadness at the news of Christopher Tolkien’s death, and we send our condolences to Baillie, Simon, Adam, Rachel and the whole Tolkien family at this difficult time. Christopher’s commitment to his father’s works have seen dozens of publications released, and his own work as an academic in Oxford demonstrates his ability and skill as a scholar. Millions of people around the world will be forever grateful to Christopher for bringing us The Silmarillion, The Children of Húrin, The History of Middle-earth series and many others. We have lost a titan and he will be sorely missed.

Tolkien scholar Dr Dimitra Fimi reflected on Christopher’s academic contribution:

Tolkien studies would never be what it is today without Christopher Tolkien’s contribution. From editing The Silmarillion to the mammoth task of giving us the History of Middle-earth series, he revealed his father’s grand vision of a rich and complex mythology. He gave us a window into Tolkien’s creative process, and he provided scholarly commentary that enriched our understanding of Middle-earth. He was Middle-earth’s cartographer and first scholar.

The Tolkien Society sends its deepest condolences to the Tolkien family.

Friday, January 10, 2020

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RIP Neil Peart - Rush - YYZ (HQ)

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The HoneyBadger is Black Hills new line of ammunition that does not have hollow point. 9mm Luger +P 100gr HoneyBadger doesn't need hollow points and does not depend on them for performance. The copper projectile is near barrier blind and its optimized nose flutes; mixed with total weight and velocity, create devastating permanent wound cavities.

Sheepdog to be Awarded Medal of Courage by TX Governor

On Monday January 13th, 2020, Texas Governor Greg Abbott will present the Governor's Medal of Courage to Deacon Jack Wilson of the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, near Fort Worth.

Deacon Wilson, who is the head of security for that church put an end to a viscous attack on the Congregation by shooting the attacker with a single shot to the head. The attacker, identified as 43-year-old Keith Thomas Kinnunen, a career criminal who was prohibited from possessing a firearm, killed two members of the Congregation Deacon Anton Wallace and Richard White before he was in turn killed by Wilson.

Wilson is a firearms instructor who has trained many of the congregants to carry a concealed handgun and he also trained the church's security team. No less than seven members of the church were armed at the time of the attack. Due to Wilson's determined application of defensive shooting principals and his need to protect the flock, Wilson prevented further loss of life.

"Progressive" Restaurant Owner Mocks Tragic Deaths of Father and Child

From PJ Media's Megan Fox

A tragic hunting accident took the lives of father and daughter, Kim Drawdy, 30, and Lawren Drawdy, 9, on Friday. In a rare mishap, hunters mistook the two, who were also hunting, for deer — and shot and killed them. According to statistics, less than 75 people per year die in the United States and Canada from accidental shooting while hunting.

The tragedy was compounded and thrown into the national spotlight when a "mean tweet" took the nation by suprise. A Seattle restaurant co-owner, Lana Kiossovski, took to Twitter and wrote, "1.5 less MAGAbilly's in the world. At least they died supporting their beloved 2nd amendment." The now-deleted tweet has been saved by multiple sources.

Read the Rest Here - Restaurant Owner Mocks Tragic Deaths of Father and Child: '1.5 Less MAGAbillies in the World'

The MSM Loves to Call D-Bags "Rock Stars"

I am surprised that none of the Leftists in American referred to Soleimani as a "rock star" but a British Leftist outlet, the BBC did....

Qasem Soleimani: Who was Iran's 'rock star' general?
Iran's most powerful military commander, General Qasem Soleimani, has been killed by a US air strike in Iraq.

But who was the man behind the 'shadowy figure'?

The BBC's Quentin Sommerville explains.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Al-Qaeda Carnival

Our 2nd World Premiere Video from My Talented Offspring Mutant01 (EJC)

"Al-Qaeda Carnival" 

There's always that one guy who brings work with him wherever he goes... 

Copyright 2020 - TSM (

Aero Precision Rifle Giveaway Jan, 2020

The first rifle giveaway of the year is Weapon Works rendition of the Vietnam Tiger Stripe. With shades of dark greens, black, and burnt bronze this unique take on a classic camo is sure to be a stunner at the range and disappear in the brush. This rifle is built with a M4E1 Lower Receiver, M4E1 Threaded Upper Receiver and a 15" ATLAS S-ONE M-LOK Handguard. Other key components include a 5.56 Black Nitride BCG, a 16" 5.56 CMV Mid-Length Barrel and a Magpul MOE® SL-K™ Carbine Stock.

The winner will be ready to hit the range out of the box thanks to several great partners that have stepped up to support this giveaway. This month's giveaway includes a Vortex SPARC® AR Red Dot Sight (Retail Value: $259.99). We have also been provided a Rise Armament RA-140 Super Sporting (Retail Value: $139).

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Charlottesville City Council Passes Resolution Against War With Iran


Can someone, anyone, tell please these local politicians that this isn't how any of this works? Ah well, never mind. We're dealing with a bunch of progressive activists here. No amount of facts are going to change their minds.

In what can only be considered the funniest news of the year thus far, Charlottesville, Virginia's City Council on Monday evening adopted a resolution opposing any possible war with Iran. The adopted resolution also urges Congress to approve Democrat Senator Tim Kaine's privileged resolution.

Hilariously, this isn't the first time that the city council has taken this position. Back in 2012 -- yes, when Barack H. Obama was president -- they did the exact same thing.

You'd laugh if it wasn't so incredibly pathetic. A bunch of city councilors actually think that they can influence U.S. foreign policy, or that it's even up to them to pass any resolution on the matter? The Constitution makes perfectly clear that U.S. foreign policy is set by -- wait for it -- the president. Some local city council, let alone that of Charlottesville, has literally nothing to do with it.

Then again, leftist politicians undoubtedly don't care about any of that. This isn't about influencing actual policy but about virtue signaling. It's what self-important douchebags always think matters most: keeping up the appearance that they are morally superior to everybody else -- and especially to one of those horrible, bad, no-good populists (like the one currently in the White House).

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Handgun Draw Deliberate Practice

Travis is out on the range going over a drill to help you speed up by slowing down.