Thursday, January 16, 2020

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World Speed Shooting Champion Max Michel Jr talks Training

Christopher Tolkien Son of JRR Tolkien Dies Aged 95

From the Tolkien Societies News Release

It is with great sadness that we can confirm that Tolkien’s son and literary executor Christopher Tolkien has died aged 95.

Christopher was born in Leeds, United Kingdom, on 21 November 1924. After a childhood in Oxford, he joined the RAF during the Second World War and was stationed to South Africa. After the war, he finished his studies and became a lecturer in Old and Middle English as well as Old Icelandic at the University of Oxford. After his father’s death in 1973, he became the literary executor of the Tolkien Estate and went on to edit and publish his father’s unpublished material starting with The Silmarillion in 1977 and ending with The Fall of Gondolin in 2018.

Upon hearing the news, Tolkien Society Chair, Shaun Gunner, said:

All of us in the Tolkien Society will share in the sadness at the news of Christopher Tolkien’s death, and we send our condolences to Baillie, Simon, Adam, Rachel and the whole Tolkien family at this difficult time. Christopher’s commitment to his father’s works have seen dozens of publications released, and his own work as an academic in Oxford demonstrates his ability and skill as a scholar. Millions of people around the world will be forever grateful to Christopher for bringing us The Silmarillion, The Children of Húrin, The History of Middle-earth series and many others. We have lost a titan and he will be sorely missed.

Tolkien scholar Dr Dimitra Fimi reflected on Christopher’s academic contribution:

Tolkien studies would never be what it is today without Christopher Tolkien’s contribution. From editing The Silmarillion to the mammoth task of giving us the History of Middle-earth series, he revealed his father’s grand vision of a rich and complex mythology. He gave us a window into Tolkien’s creative process, and he provided scholarly commentary that enriched our understanding of Middle-earth. He was Middle-earth’s cartographer and first scholar.

The Tolkien Society sends its deepest condolences to the Tolkien family.

Friday, January 10, 2020

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The Ammo: Black Hills 9mm Luger +P 100gr HoneyBadger

The HoneyBadger is Black Hills new line of ammunition that does not have hollow point. 9mm Luger +P 100gr HoneyBadger doesn't need hollow points and does not depend on them for performance. The copper projectile is near barrier blind and its optimized nose flutes; mixed with total weight and velocity, create devastating permanent wound cavities.

Sheepdog to be Awarded Medal of Courage by TX Governor

On Monday January 13th, 2020, Texas Governor Greg Abbott will present the Governor's Medal of Courage to Deacon Jack Wilson of the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, near Fort Worth.

Deacon Wilson, who is the head of security for that church put an end to a viscous attack on the Congregation by shooting the attacker with a single shot to the head. The attacker, identified as 43-year-old Keith Thomas Kinnunen, a career criminal who was prohibited from possessing a firearm, killed two members of the Congregation Deacon Anton Wallace and Richard White before he was in turn killed by Wilson.

Wilson is a firearms instructor who has trained many of the congregants to carry a concealed handgun and he also trained the church's security team. No less than seven members of the church were armed at the time of the attack. Due to Wilson's determined application of defensive shooting principals and his need to protect the flock, Wilson prevented further loss of life.

"Progressive" Restaurant Owner Mocks Tragic Deaths of Father and Child

From PJ Media's Megan Fox

A tragic hunting accident took the lives of father and daughter, Kim Drawdy, 30, and Lawren Drawdy, 9, on Friday. In a rare mishap, hunters mistook the two, who were also hunting, for deer — and shot and killed them. According to statistics, less than 75 people per year die in the United States and Canada from accidental shooting while hunting.

The tragedy was compounded and thrown into the national spotlight when a "mean tweet" took the nation by suprise. A Seattle restaurant co-owner, Lana Kiossovski, took to Twitter and wrote, "1.5 less MAGAbilly's in the world. At least they died supporting their beloved 2nd amendment." The now-deleted tweet has been saved by multiple sources.

Read the Rest Here - Restaurant Owner Mocks Tragic Deaths of Father and Child: '1.5 Less MAGAbillies in the World'

The MSM Loves to Call D-Bags "Rock Stars"

I am surprised that none of the Leftists in American referred to Soleimani as a "rock star" but a British Leftist outlet, the BBC did....

Qasem Soleimani: Who was Iran's 'rock star' general?
Iran's most powerful military commander, General Qasem Soleimani, has been killed by a US air strike in Iraq.

But who was the man behind the 'shadowy figure'?

The BBC's Quentin Sommerville explains.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Al-Qaeda Carnival

Our 2nd World Premiere Video from My Talented Offspring Mutant01 (EJC)

"Al-Qaeda Carnival" 

There's always that one guy who brings work with him wherever he goes... 

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Aero Precision Rifle Giveaway Jan, 2020

The first rifle giveaway of the year is Weapon Works rendition of the Vietnam Tiger Stripe. With shades of dark greens, black, and burnt bronze this unique take on a classic camo is sure to be a stunner at the range and disappear in the brush. This rifle is built with a M4E1 Lower Receiver, M4E1 Threaded Upper Receiver and a 15" ATLAS S-ONE M-LOK Handguard. Other key components include a 5.56 Black Nitride BCG, a 16" 5.56 CMV Mid-Length Barrel and a Magpul MOE® SL-K™ Carbine Stock.

The winner will be ready to hit the range out of the box thanks to several great partners that have stepped up to support this giveaway. This month's giveaway includes a Vortex SPARC® AR Red Dot Sight (Retail Value: $259.99). We have also been provided a Rise Armament RA-140 Super Sporting (Retail Value: $139).

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Charlottesville City Council Passes Resolution Against War With Iran


Can someone, anyone, tell please these local politicians that this isn't how any of this works? Ah well, never mind. We're dealing with a bunch of progressive activists here. No amount of facts are going to change their minds.

In what can only be considered the funniest news of the year thus far, Charlottesville, Virginia's City Council on Monday evening adopted a resolution opposing any possible war with Iran. The adopted resolution also urges Congress to approve Democrat Senator Tim Kaine's privileged resolution.

Hilariously, this isn't the first time that the city council has taken this position. Back in 2012 -- yes, when Barack H. Obama was president -- they did the exact same thing.

You'd laugh if it wasn't so incredibly pathetic. A bunch of city councilors actually think that they can influence U.S. foreign policy, or that it's even up to them to pass any resolution on the matter? The Constitution makes perfectly clear that U.S. foreign policy is set by -- wait for it -- the president. Some local city council, let alone that of Charlottesville, has literally nothing to do with it.

Then again, leftist politicians undoubtedly don't care about any of that. This isn't about influencing actual policy but about virtue signaling. It's what self-important douchebags always think matters most: keeping up the appearance that they are morally superior to everybody else -- and especially to one of those horrible, bad, no-good populists (like the one currently in the White House).

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Handgun Draw Deliberate Practice

Travis is out on the range going over a drill to help you speed up by slowing down.