Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Best 5 Underrated Metal Songs of the 1980s

Growing up in the Metal scene in Cleveland during the 1980s, I was exposed to music that was neglected by commercial radio and MTV (yes, they used to play music back then). Luckily there was numerous college radio stations that had excellent programming with a great deal of Metal programming, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

In addition to the college radio exposure, I knew people who owned or worked in the many small venues that booked metal acts local, regional, and national that didn't have the following of bands that were mainstays on commercial radio and television. As time went by though MTV added the Headbangers Ball to their line-up, along with the syndicated Metal Shop radio series and the all too short lived Z-Rock radio franchise that gave increased metal offerings.

Below I have compiled a list of what I feel are 5 of the most underrated or underexposed Metal songs of the 1980s.

5) Racer X - Street Lethal

4) Armored Saint - Out on a Limb

3) Twisted Sister - Burn in Hell

2) Lizzy Borden - Red Rum

1) Loudness - In The Mirror (Both the English and Japanese Versions)

Well, that is my take. Do you have your own list? post it in the comments. Thanks!

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